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cDropperEntity Class Reference

#include <001d.h>

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Public Member Functions

 cDropperEntity (int a_BlockX, int a_BlockY, int a_BlockZ)
 Constructor used while generating a chunk; sets m_World to NULL.
- Public Member Functions inherited from cDropSpenserEntity
void Activate (void)
 Sets the dropspenser to dropspense an item in the next tick.
void AddDropSpenserDir (int &a_BlockX, int &a_BlockY, int &a_BlockZ, NIBBLETYPE a_Direction)
 Modifies the block coords to match the dropspenser direction given (where the dropspensed pickups should materialize)
void SetRedstonePower (bool a_IsPowered)
 Sets the internal redstone power flag to "on" or "off", depending on the parameter. Calls Activate() if appropriate.
- Public Member Functions inherited from cBlockEntityWithItems
cItemGridGetContents (void)
 Returns the ItemGrid used for storing the contents.
const cItemGetSlot (int a_SlotNum) const
const cItemGetSlot (int a_X, int a_Y) const
void SetSlot (int a_SlotNum, const cItem &a_Item)
void SetSlot (int a_X, int a_Y, const cItem &a_Item)
- Public Member Functions inherited from cBlockEntity
BLOCKTYPE GetBlockType (void) const
int GetChunkX (void) const
int GetChunkZ (void) const
int GetPosX (void) const
int GetPosY (void) const
int GetPosZ (void) const
int GetRelX (void) const
int GetRelZ (void) const
cWorldGetWorld (void) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from cDropSpenserEntity
enum  { ContentsHeight = 3, ContentsWidth = 3 }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cBlockEntity
 cBlockEntity (BLOCKTYPE a_BlockType, int a_BlockX, int a_BlockY, int a_BlockZ, cWorld *a_World)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cDropperEntity::cDropperEntity ( int  a_BlockX,
int  a_BlockY,
int  a_BlockZ 

Constructor used while generating a chunk; sets m_World to NULL.