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cPickup Class Reference

#include <0020.h>

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- Public Types inherited from cEntity
enum  {
enum  eEntityType {
  etEntity, etPlayer, etPickup, etMonster,
  etMob = etMonster, etFallingBlock, etMinecart, etTNT,
  eEntityType_Entity = etEntity, eEntityType_Player = etPlayer, eEntityType_Pickup = etPickup, eEntityType_Mob = etMob
- Public Member Functions inherited from cEntity
void AddPosition (double a_AddPosX, double a_AddPosY, double a_AddPosZ)
void AddPosition (const Vector3d &a_AddPos)
void AddPosX (double a_AddPosX)
void AddPosY (double a_AddPosY)
void AddPosZ (double a_AddPosZ)
void AddSpeed (double a_AddSpeedX, double a_AddSpeedY, double a_AddSpeedZ)
void AddSpeed (const Vector3d &a_AddSpeed)
void AddSpeedX (double a_AddSpeedX)
void AddSpeedY (double a_AddSpeedY)
void AddSpeedZ (double a_AddSpeedZ)
void Destroy (void)
int GetChunkX (void) const
int GetChunkZ (void) const
virtual const char * GetClass (void) const
 Returns the topmost class name for the object.
eEntityType GetEntityType (void) const
double GetHeadYaw (void) const
double GetHeight (void) const
Vector3d GetLookVector (void) const
double GetMass (void) const
virtual const char * GetParentClass (void) const
 Returns the topmost class's parent class name for the object. cEntity returns an empty string (no parent).
double GetPitch (void) const
const Vector3dGetPosition (void) const
double GetPosX (void) const
double GetPosY (void) const
double GetPosZ (void) const
double GetRoll (void) const
const Vector3dGetRot (void) const
double GetRotation (void) const
const Vector3dGetSpeed (void) const
double GetSpeedX (void) const
double GetSpeedY (void) const
double GetSpeedZ (void) const
int GetUniqueID (void) const
double GetWidth (void) const
cWorldGetWorld (void) const
virtual bool IsA (const char *a_ClassName) const
 Returns true if the entity is of the specified class or a subclass (cPawn's IsA("cEntity") returns true)
virtual bool IsCrouched (void) const
bool IsDestroyed (void) const
bool IsMinecart (void) const
bool IsMob (void) const
virtual bool IsOnFire (void) const
bool IsPickup (void) const
bool IsPlayer (void) const
virtual bool IsRclking (void) const
virtual bool IsRiding (void) const
virtual bool IsSprinting (void) const
void SetHeadYaw (double a_HeadYaw)
void SetHeight (double a_Height)
void SetMass (double a_Mass)
void SetPitch (double a_Pitch)
void SetPosition (double a_PosX, double a_PosY, double a_PosZ)
void SetPosition (const Vector3d &a_Pos)
void SetPosX (double a_PosX)
void SetPosY (double a_PosY)
void SetPosZ (double a_PosZ)
void SetRoll (double a_Roll)
void SetRot (const Vector3f &a_Rot)
void SetRotation (double a_Rotation)
void SetSpeed (double a_SpeedX, double a_SpeedY, double a_SpeedZ)
void SetSpeed (const Vector3d &a_Speed)
void SetSpeedX (double a_SpeedX)
void SetSpeedY (double a_SpeedY)
void SetSpeedZ (double a_SpeedZ)
void SetWidth (double a_Width)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from cEntity
static const char * GetClassStatic (void)